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The successful trading coordination and organization platform of meetingsthat O.MIND CREATIVES has applied to other of its exhibitions will also beadapted to this year’s organizational needs, in order to give the maximum to the participants and visitors, strengthening trade links with Greek and theinternational market. Companies that participate in the exhibition, they will automatically categorize their products or services and will be integratedi nto a database that the visitor can easily find the categories that interest him and would like to visit.


Two months before the opening of the exhibition, theorganizer O.MIND CREATIVES will inform interested parties from Greece andabroad and will invite them through its platform to organize their meetings with exhibitors. Upon receiving the kiosks, they will be given to exhibitorsand schedule their own B2B appointments. With this method most meetings will be scheduled, resulting in exhibitors and visitors manage their time efficientlyand evaluate them pre-scheduled appointments. The success of theexhibition and its continuous upgrading and development, relies heavily on promotions for attracting targeted visitors. The advertising expense estimated to exceed EUR 120,000 will include television advertising on the largest PanHellenic television network, radio spots, printed and online ads, targetedviews through social media and sending newsletters to businesses Retail,Wholesale and Catering.


Also, it is planned to promote the exhibition to countries abroad (Cyprus, Germany, France, Italy, Bulgaria, and other Balkancountries) through print advertising abroad sector magazines, and by the participation of the organizing company O.MIND CREATIVES in foreign exhibitions and collaboration with chambers of commerce and embassies.