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O.MIND CREATIVES counts 15 years of steady and successful course in the particularly demanding area of organizing exhibitions & conference events, publishing sectoral magazines and designing printed & digital advertising.

With an "open minded" approach to the great challenges and opportunities opened up for Greek entrepreneurship, O.MIND CREATIVES enters the new decade with an evolutionary and structured design of the exhibitions MEAT & GRILL DAYS, DAIRY EXPO and FROZEN FOOD which, with the new supertitle MDF expo – from the initials of the 3 Meat/Dairy/Frozen markets – will dynamically restart on 2-4 October 2021 the exhibition market in the food industry and trade. At the state-of-the-art Metropolitan Expo exhibition center, the 7th edition of the three exhibitions will be the important "connecting link" between the market, customers and businesses active in the meat & products sectors, mass catering, dairy & cheese making, frozen food and food logistics.

With a staff of experienced executives and renowned associates, O.MIND CREATIVES with an extrovert orientation guarantees the perfect and safe organization of the three exhibition brands, operating in combination, aiming to maximize the commercial benefits through the promotion and support of the primary sector & manufacturing and the promotion of Greek products in the Greek, European and global markets.

H O. MIND CREATIVES has to show very successful business events such as the organization of international exhibitions "SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS" and "CARGO TRUCK & VAN EXPO" as well as the multi-conferences LOGI. C which are a meeting point and exchange of knowledge of the food industry and trade with the scientific field of the supply chain. As a publishing company, O.MIND CREATIVES releases the sectoral – professional magazines MEAT PLACE, GRILL MAGAZINE, DAIRY NEWS, and SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS, provides online information through 4 high traffic websites, sends newsletters with dynamic content on a weekly basis and manages a large number of social media accounts.


The above activities place O.MIND among the largest companies in Greece in the field of exhibition organization, based on the recent sectoral study of ICAP.


For more information, please visit www.omind.gr.

Meat Place magazine:

MEAT PLACE is the only Greek magazine, which deals exclusively with meat and poultry market. It is being published in 7.000 copies per month and 8 issues per year.


MEAT PLACE magazine has linked with the division and has contributed to the projection of meat as a product, spreading information to the target market and  supporting commercial and business attempts. It has constituted the connection between specific activity areas of the division, while with its initiatives up to today it has upgraded communication and projection of meat.